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Cosmetic grade carboxymethyl cellulose

Hereinafter referred to as CMC (Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose), is a kind of important Cellulose ether, is white or milk white fibrous powder or particles, is a natural fiber after chemical modification of a kind of water-soluble good polyanionic compounds, soluble in hot and cold water. It has the emulsifying dispersant, solid dispersion, non-perishable, physiologically harmless and other unusual and valuable comprehensive physical and chemical properties, is a kind of widely used natural polymer derivatives.
CMC is superior performance such as thickening, water retention, metabolic inertia, film forming formability, dispersion stability, etc., can be used as a thickening agent, water retention agent, adhesives, lubricants, emulsifier, suspending agent, tablets, biological matrix matrix and biological carrier, etc.
Since established in 1984, my company perennial production of food grade and industrial grade CMC, production stability in the 12000-12000 tons per year at present, the production technology mature, reliable quality, stable quantity, hope to be able to a partnership with your company, mutual win and mutual benefits, achieve a win-win situation.

(a) production process

1. The reaction
Cellulose, ether reaction mechanism and alkali raw materials such as;

2. And washing
Will take place after the reaction product of neutral washing;

3. Dry grinding
After the first two steps, the product is dry and smash accordingly;

4. The finished product
Finally obtain the corresponding product

(2) the reaction mechanism
Theoretically finished said CMC cellulose chemical formula of the formula is: Jane as C6H7O2 (OH) 3
C6H7O2 (OH) 3 + XNaOH - C6H7O2 (OH) 3 • XNaOH
C6H7O2 (OH) 3 • XNaOH + mCH2ClCOONa - >
C6H7O2 (OH) 3 - m. m. (OCH3COONa) (x - m) NaOH + mNaCl + mH2O

(3) the solubility of CMC

CMC is a natural hydrophilic substances, CMC particles dispersed in the water, swelling and dissolving immediately.

1, under the condition of stirring, add the CMC, can accelerate the dissolve;

2, under the condition of heating, scattered in CMC, can improve the dissolution rate, the heating temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant, suitable range of 50 ° C - 60 ° C;

3, when mixed with other materials used for solid mixed first, and then dissolved, dissolution rate can be improved;

4, after joining a and CMC can not mix but and water soluble organic solvent such as ethanol, glycerol, etc., and then dissolved, dissolution rate will soon.

(4) packaging and storage

1, using polypropylene woven bags, lined with plastic bags; Or use kraft paper compound bag, lined with plastic bags, bags of 25 kg net each.

2, CMC water, storage should be avoided in the process of packaging damaged and contact with water, should be kept in dry place.

(5) the specific application

Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose was applied to the production of instant noodles in the earliest, along with the development of food industry in our country, the application of CMC in food production way more and more, different characteristics play a different role, today, has been widely used in cold drinks, frozen food, dairy products, juice, beverage, ice cream, ice packs, jelly, bread, cakes, instant noodles, papermaking, toothpaste and instant paste, such as the food industry.
Application of CMC in food is not only a good emulsifying stabilizer, thickener, and excellent stability of freezing and melting, and can improve the flavor of the product, extend the storage time. In soy milk, ice cream, ice cream, jelly, beverage, canned the dosage is about 1% ~ 1%. CMC can with vinegar, soy sauce, vegetable oil, fruit juice, gravy, vegetable juice emulsification of stable performance of the dispersion. Especially for dynamic, vegetable oil, protein and aqueous emulsion performance is very good, can make the formation of stable performance of homogeneous emulsion.

A, the function of CMC in food production

1, thickening: get high viscosity in low concentrations. Can control the viscosity in the process of food processing, at the same time give the sense of lubrication.

2, water retention, lower food syneresis and prolong the shelf life of food.

3, dispersion stability, maintain the stability of the food quality, prevent oil and water layers (emulsification), control the size of the crystals of frozen food (cutting ice crystals).

4, film, to form a layer of film in the Fried foods, prevent excessive absorb grease.

5, the chemical stability: the chemical, thermal and light stability, has the certain mildew resistance.

6, metabolism of inert: as a food additive, will not be metabolism, does not provide calories in the food.

Second, the consumption of the performance of the CMC

CMC in food industry as additives for many years in our country, over the years, enterprises are constantly improve the inner quality of CMC. Our company for the consumption of CMC acid salt resistant performance consistently research work, the quality of the products have been consistent affirmative, large food manufacturers at home and abroad to improve the quality of our food production has played a very role.

A, molecular distribution uniformity;

B, high acid resistance;

C, high salt resistance;

D, high transparency, rarely free fibers;

E, gel.

Third, in the role of different food production and processing

(1) in the role of cold drinks, frozen food production:

1, the forming performance is good, not easy and broken;

2, to prevent ice formation, crystal, tongue touch slippery feeling;

3, good gloss, and beautiful.

(2) the role in the production of dairy products:

1, stable performance is good, not easy to produce precipitation;

2, resistant to strong acid;

3, can improve the drinks taste, smooth entrance.

Four, CMC is used in the pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry can make injection of emulsifying stabilizer, tablet binder and film formers. Using CMC as membrane material, the development of traditional Chinese medicine Yin raw muscle bulk of dosage forms - Yin "film, the production of grinding operation can be used for skin wound and traumatic wounds. The membrane to prevent wound infection, and no obvious difference was found between gauze dressings, on the control of tissue fluid leakage and the rapid healing of the wound, this film was better than gauze dressings, and reduce the swelling and the stimulation of the wound. Research has shown that CMC reduce the degree of postoperative peritoneal adhesion effect was better than sodium hyaluronic acid, can be used as an effective method to prevent peritoneal adhesion. CMC is used in the treatment of liver cancer hepatic artery perfusion catheter cancer drugs, can significantly extend the anticancer drug in tumor retention time, enhance the anti-tumor force, improve the effect of treatment.
In the animal medicine, CMC also has a wide range of USES.

Fifth, in the detergent

CMC can be used as a resistance to dirt deposition agent again, especially for hydrophobic fouling resistance of synthetic fabrics redeposition effect, much better than carboxymethyl fibers.

Six, oil drilling

CMC can be used to protect oil Wells in oil drilling mud as a stabilizing agent, water retention agent.

Seven, the textile industry

In the textile industry used as sizing agent, thickener, textile printing and dyeing slurry printing and stiff finish. Used in sizing agent can improve the solubility and viscosity, and easy desizing; As a strong finishing agent, the dosage is above 95%; Used for sizing agent, improved performance of size film strength, flexible; CMC for most fiber has the viscosity, can improve the combination between the fiber and its viscosity stability performance to ensure the uniformity of sizing, so as to improve the efficiency of weaving. Can also be used for textile finishing agent, especially the crease resistant finishing of permanent, bring the change of the durability of the fabric.

Eighth, paint

CMC can be used as a coating of anti-settling agent, emulsifier, dispersant, flow ping agent, adhesive, the solids can make coating evenly distributed in the solvent, the paint is not stratified, long-term has a large number of used in the paint.

Nine, pulp and paper industry

CMC is used as paper sizing agent in paper making industry, can obviously improve the paper dry strength and wet strength and oil resistance, ink absorbency and water resistance.

10 and in cosmetics

CMC in cosmetics as hydrosol, used as a thickener in the toothpaste, its usage is around 5%.

11 and other applications

CMC can be used as a flocculating agent, chelating agent, emulsifier, thickener, water retention agent, sizing agent, film forming materials, etc., are widely used in electronics, pesticide, leather, plastic, printing, ceramics, daily chemical and other fields, and due to its excellent properties and wide range of USES, are constantly open up new application fields and market prospect is extremely broad.

Food grade models: FH6 FVH6 FH9 FVH9 (6 is not acid type, 9 for acid type)

Industrial-grade: IH6 etc.

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